Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't Pay for Work

I make it a rule of thumb not to pay for an opportunity to write. I understand that all professions have necessary expenses, but paying for writing “leads” turns me off.

Have you seen ? Google them and entertain yourself with all the pro and con comments on their service. Of course, I suspect all the comments in favor are made by lackeys who have been paid-off, perhaps given a discount coupon to GoFreelance. And, surely, all the comments against are by GoFreelance competitors, disguised as clients.

That’s why I’m making my own stand here, in vvriters. At least I’ll have a coterie of persons I get to know and trust and hopefully we’ll find legitimate opportunities together.

I found one reference to GoFreelance which seemed reasonable, a soft-sell thumb's-up:

What's your opinion?

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